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A facsimile is a copy or reproduction of a document of historical value.
A high-quality facsimile differs from other forms of reproduction not only in its content, shape and coloration but also in its conservation. Discolorations caused by age, traces of usage and damages are also remade.



Original documents are often too valuable or sensitive to be exhibited. Sometimes they got lost over the years and do not exist any more. In such cases facsimiles offer the opportunity to allow the public and scientific research access to these historical documents.


  • when the climatic and conservational conditions for a presentation of original documents are not adequate and their improvement exceeds the available budget
  • when the necessary original documents needed for a presentation are lent or not available because of conservational reasons
  • when the original is lost and there is only an illustration available
  • when the safety of the documents cannot be guaranteed, for instance at traveling exhibitions


  • when documents and papers from public or private archives are needed for the presentation of a long-standing company tradition and their permanent lending is impossible
  • when the originals of valuable and unique documents are safely stored and protected in the company but should be permanently exhibited in a special room belonging to the company ( at low expense)


  • when you found some important historical documents regarding your family in archives while searching for your family tradition and you would like to offer to give up these ones to other family members
  • when you are descended from a wealthy noble lineage and would like to present the document verifying your nobility but do not possess the original
  • when manuscripts of your ancestors are stored in public archives and you would like to present them also in your personal sphere


  • Facsimilation of documents and papers as single sheets or sewings on the basis of digital prints
  • Reproduction of all original and authentic characteristics as folds, discolorations caused by age and stains and chips like holes etc.
  • Reproduction of seals in bees wax, sealing wax or lead seal
  • Reproduction of cords, ribbons , seal tins etc


Precondition is a digital pattern of the original in high resolution with exact measurements as well as a detailed description of the material and specific characteristics.

For a high color authenticity color coordination with the original or one of the client´s prefered color swatch is needed.
As a prerequisite for the estimate the client´s demands on the facsilmile should be expressed after previous consultation.


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